Choosing the right print size

The session is done and you are looking over your gorgeous pictures. How do you decide what print size(s) you need? What print size will look best hanging in a hallway? What about hanging above a couch or fire place? Typically the best print sizes for hanging in a hallway or elsewhere on a wall […]

Little M coming in for round 3

I absolutely adore this little dude! This has been my third child photography session with him and I just adore him so much! He is always a ham and always ready to pose for the camera! You can find more pictures of him on our Facebook page as well as within our child gallery here on the […]

Central Texas to acquire a new photographer

Breaking News: Central Texas will welcome a new photographer to the area! The United States Army has graciously given to Central Texas an amazing Soldier and a talented, hard working professional photographer that specializes in individual, teen/high school senior, couples, family, military/first responder, and event photography. Be on the lookout for this one of a kind talent […]

Clayton – Valentine Session

Clayton walked in and saw all the flowers, hearts, wood signs that convey love, and other Valentine theme props in the studio. When I said it’s time for your Valentine session, he immediately informed me he would not be holding hearts, flowers, or anything else they may be considered even somewhat girly. Granted Valentine’s Day sessions usually seem to […]