Central Texas to acquire a new photographer

Bridget Carlson - Photographer Texas Love Photography

Breaking News: Central Texas will welcome a new photographer to the area!

The United States Army has graciously given to Central Texas an amazing Soldier and a talented, hard working professional photographer that specializes in individual, teen/high school senior, couples, family, military/first responder, and event photography. Be on the lookout for this one of a kind talent to show up around the Fort Hood area around mid-July 2013.

Book your session in advance, before she arrives, to assure that you get a spot on her schedule before summer is over! Available sessions begin August 1st! Give her a call at 254-239-1827!


How did you like that? I’m, feeling goofy today!

For those that have not been around my Facebook page (or didn’t see the status thanks to Facebook’s wonky algorithm that determines what you do and don’t see), my husband received orders in November. We were trying to have those orders amended for an earlier report date and last month it was approved. We will be arriving in the Fort Hood area around mid-July.

The best part? The Army is not just loaning us to Central Texas, but they are giving us to Central Texas! This will be my husband’s last duty station! We are retiring there! For those that are unaware, I am from Texas (Dallas/Denton area); and I am so HAPPY to be coming back home for GOOD! My husband is from Washington State, so I am sure he will have some things to get use to, like our accent (which amazingly enough I no longer have, well unless I get flustered, then it shows up loud and proud), everything being MUCH bigger, and the fact then when he is asked if he would like a coke, he is not answering yes he wants a coca-cola but rather he would like a soda and the waitress will wait to hear what brand.

In saying this, I will be coming down in March to look for a house to buy. I will not be scheduling any sessions during that time, it is strictly a house hunting visit! What does this mean for you? I can, and am more than happy to be, your forever photographer! Sessions are much more relaxed and natural when you have worked with someone before. This is especially true for children! I dream of the day that I take those precious newborn pictures and then 18 years later I am taking that child’s high school senior pictures; and maybe one day, some of their own children! Now that my husband is getting ready to retire; that dream, will hopefully, become a reality!

Let me be your forever photographer!