Clayton – Valentine Session

child photographer harker heights - fort hood texas

Clayton walked in and saw all the flowers, hearts, wood signs that convey love, and other Valentine theme props in the studio. When I said it’s time for your Valentine session, he immediately informed me he would not be holding hearts, flowers, or anything else they may be considered even somewhat girly.

Granted Valentine’s Day sessions usually seem to bring out all the girls, but I do keep my boys in mind as well. And out came the graffiti wall and spray can (without the paint of course). Next words out of his mouth…cool, lets do this. This coming from a child who hates to have his picture taken. Within 20 minutes I had all the shots I needed and he will definitely have some cool Valentine’s Day cards to hand out for sure!

You can find more of his pictures within the gallery or on our Facebook Page.

child photographer harker heights - fort hood texas

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