New Year, New Look, New EVERYTHING

With the new year, I decided to take this time and do a complete re-work of the entire site, my branding, the products I offer, as well as what is included in the session. Take a look below to see has changed.

Each portrait session will now include the following:

* Phone, in-person, or online pre-session consultation
* 1 hour of artistic creativity
* Travel within 25 miles of the studio
* Basic retouching of images
* 1 year backup of  images
* Viewing/Ordering session so I can help you choose the perfect prints & products for your needs.

Lower Print Prices: Additionally, I have also lowered the prices on many of my prints and products as well as digital items (such as high resolution files with print release). For an even greater saving, you can now add on a CD of all images in high resolution format with print release to the custom print package that you build.

Flexible payment plans: This is actually something I started towards the end of the year last year. I now offer affordable, flexible, INTEREST FREE payment plans to fit YOUR budget. There is never a credit check and everyone is eligible to use it. The payments are split up in a maximum of 6 equal payments with at least one payment due per month. That means if you really need it, you can take up to 6 months to pay, although most have used it to pay twice a month (1st & 15th) for 1-3 months. However, the option to break it up into 6 equally monthly payments is there if you need it. Payments can be made using cash, check, or credit card.

Lower Retainer Fee: Before, I required full payment of your session fee at the time of booking. Now only a $50 retainer is required at time of booking, with the remaining due the date of the session.

Online pre-session consultations are now available: Typically before this year I always required in person pre-session consultations. Although I still prefer to have consultations in person, so I can meet and get to know your family, I do understand that it is not always convenient. So I am now offering online or phone pre-session consultations for those that would prefer it.

Online Booking: You can now book your session, sign the portrait agreement, and pay your deposit all online! In addition to that, client questionnaires (so I can tailor your session just for you) are now online as well. No more waiting to have a confirmed appointment slot!

New Products: I am pleased to announce I have added several new print products to our line.

Metal Prints: I am a huge fan of metal prints. They just look absolutely stunning and are so unique. I am one of the very few photographers in the central Texas area to offer these! In addition to the 8×12 curved metal print I already offer, I have added a 11″ x 15.5″ posh shaped wall print. They come with  a floating mount and are ready to hang on your wall.

Ornaments: It’s a little past Christmas time now, but I now offer both metal and acrylic cut out ornaments. The metal ornaments are my favorite and come with a burgundy ribbon, can be printed on both sides, and ready to hang on your tree. The acrylic cutout ornament, are just like our standout prints we offer but in a much smaller version with a hole in the top for a ribbon instead of a stand.

More To Come: Look for more items to be added to our line up through the year. As always, if you have any suggestions, please let us know!

New Referral Program: We have started a new referral program that is available to all existing and future clients. Clients that refer others to us will receive a print credit for each referral as well as have a chance to win a $100 Visa Gift Card. At the end of the year they person that has sent us the most referrals will earn themselves a $100 visa gift card in addition to all the print credits the received. Those that are referred to us also receive a 10% discount on any prints they order from their session. Too read more about our referral program and  to sign up to participate,, just go to our referral program page!

New look all the way around:  Last but not least we have updated our entire look and branding, and I think it really fits more with my personality and style. I hope you love it just as much as I do!

As always, if you would like to book a session or have any question, please feel free to call me at 254-239-1827 or  email me.

4 thoughts on “New Year, New Look, New EVERYTHING

  1. I just want to say thank you! I love the fact that you send out questionnaires at the end of the year to get our feedback on what we want. I also love that you have made the process easier for booking by putting everything online, especially for those of us that are returning clients. Plus I know it had to help you free up some time by doing that, which also helps us because that means you have more time for sessions!

    Oh and LOVE the new referral program!

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